Info 300

For those who value their time and best service LLC "Information Communication" provides information service program " Info 300"

General Information

You can reach your personal assistant by just dialing 300 (24 hour-service). Having dialed 300 you can:

  • inquire for any address reference information, transport time-tables, weather forecast, cinema theatre and concert programs, financial and leisure information
  • book train and plane tickets with home delivery, call a taxi, book cinema tickets, a table in a restaurant or a night club, call the evacuator, technical assistance service, use the "Kiev traffic navigator" service, order medical preparations with home delivery.
  • use other service


With the "Info 300" service you will be deprived of the necessity to remember numerous telephone numbers of different services; all you have to do is just remember 300 for all possible life occurrences.

1 minute of a telephone conversation - 0.45 USD, connection set-up - 0.75 USD (adjusted for VAT, without deductions to the superannuation fund)

Any of your inquiries will be responded! We know more!

For further information about the "Info 300" service dial (044) 490 3532
10 a.m.- 6 p.m.00 Monday through Friday.


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