This guide includes all you need to know to use "WellCOM" network services. Use it as a supplement to your GSM phone description.

SIM-card WellCOM

After you become a subscriber of the WellCOM network, you receive a Subscriber Identify Module card ("SIM-card") which identifies you as an active subscriber in the WellCOM network. After you insert the SIM-card, turn on the power by pressing *** or PWR. The display will show "Enter PIN-code".


This is your personal 4-digital code, which gives an access number to your SIM-card to prevent its unauthorized usage. You receive the information about your PIN-code simultaneously with your SIM-card. Using the keypad, enter your PIN-code. If you enter your PIN-code incorrectly more than three times, your SIM -card will be automatically blocked.
To unblock the SIM-card- enter a special PUK-code (Personal Unblocking Key) using the keypad on the handset. You also can cancel PIN-code inquiry, that enables you not to input the code every time you switch on your handset.


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