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Question: How can I send E-mail > SMS to my WellCOM handset?

Answer: We are working now on the construction of our own Internet SMS<->e-mail Service. Information about its launch will be placed on our web site. At present you can send SMS to WellCOM handset using one of the facility enlisted below:

1. From any active GSM handsets;
2. From web-pages, enlisted on our homepage (see SMS-gates in menu "Links");

All these links have been tested by our specialists and prove their correct work. But as far they are of other companies' property, WellCOM cannot bear responsibility for any misfunctions of the sms-gates.

3. You can send your SMS alike an ordinary e-mail message through the route You also can send SMS from your mobile handset to any e-mail address. For this purpose you should send SMS to the number +380677204182 in the following addressing format: #- gap - addressee - gap - text. Your addressee will receive the sender address: . This service is rendered by "Beeper" company. See the details -

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