Solvo International provides the Entertaining Voice Service «Cheerful Answering Machine»

607 - now your mobile can banter!

Do you want to be stylish and trendy?
You do not want to miss the calls?

607 - order the mood via mobile phone!

Having dialed short number 607, you will be able to choose and install to your mobile the funniest answering machine. It will become your assistant and no messages will remain unanswered! If you will not be able to answer the call, that with a pleasure will do the «Cheerful Answering Machine»!

607 - the mobile will answer for everything!

You are almost always together with it. It can do anything for you, even at the time, when you're sleeping or driving. Teach him to answer, as you like! Using the Entertaining Voice Service «Cheerful Answering Machine», you will put new life into your mobile phone, and you will bring several funny minutes and a smile for those who haven't reached you via phone.

607 - stylish thing for stylish people...

Brief menu scheme

1 - installing the answering machine to your mobile phone

  • Choose topic
  • Then indicate for whom this answering machine will serve (sex of the owner)
  • Choose answering machine from the suggested
  • Indicate the number of your mobile phone
  • Access code to your voice mail
  • Then follow the menu instructions
8 - you may leave you complaints and suggestions here
9 - Help in navigation

The service is 0.72 USD per minute (20% VAT included) + Call set-up charge - 0.30 USD (20% VAT included). More information is available at tel. (044) 201 1456 Monday through Friday from 10 am till 6 pm.

For details visit our web site:

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