Mobile Present from Solvo international

601 - is a stylish present for all ages!

Do you want to make happy your close person?

To make your declaration of love extraordinary and bright, congratulate on birthday or just play a trick on someone:

601 - is always with You!

Tricks and jokes, greetings and wishes fro every day!

Voices of the famous politicians and popular artists, musical cards and many other you can send to any mobile or local number in Ukraine.

If you want to take care about your close person in advance - no problem:

Call at any time of day or night; tell the date and time you want the massage to be delivered;

Tape your voice greeting and the message is ready to be sent!

The message will be delivered to the receiver on the appointed day and time; the fact that he might be off the country or city doesn't really matter.

601 - You have never made such presents before!

Brief menu scheme:
1- birthday greetings

  • jokes and tricks
  • greetings made with the politicians' and artists' voices
  • musical greeting cards
2 - declaration of love
  • jokes and tricks
  • declaration of love made with the politicians' and artists' voices
  • музыкальные открытки
3 - wishes for every day
  • jokes and tricks
  • wishes made with the politicians' and artists' voices
  • musical greeting cards
9 - help in navigation

Main adjusting buttons
1 - choose file to be sent
0 - go back to previous menu
4 - go back to previous file
* - go back to next file

Call set-up charge 1,60 UAH (including 20% of VAT).
The price of this service - 4.48 UAH per minute (including 20% of VAT)

More information is available at tel. (044) 201 1456 Monday through Friday from 10 am till 6 pm.

For details visit our web site:

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