Operator: Daewoo Unitel Co
Standard: GSM 900
Display: Uz04
Emergency calls: 02 (police), 03 (ambulance)
112 (free from mobile phones)

International calls: 00_country code_city code_ phone number.

Call charge: Incoming and outgoing calls - per minute.

Incoming calls min peak/off peak
Outgoing calls within Tashkent min peak/off peak
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistani
Outgoing calls to Ukraine min
Incoming SMS
Outgoing SMS

Peak-time calls: every day from 07.00 till 23.00
Off peak time calls: from 23.00 till 07.00

Tariffs are indicated in c.u. and included VAT. This tariffs will serve you for approximate estimation of your roaming expenses. The outgoing calls price have to be converted into local currency. The charge of each call depends upon local currency fluctuation with regards USD. Charge will set up in UAH at NBU rate on the invoice day.

International roaming tariffs can be changed by local Operator without previous notification.


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