Operator: Nextel
Standard: iDEN
Emergency calls: 112, 911(fire alarm, police, ambulance)
Customer Care - 1 201 531 5202 (mobile)
                            +1 201 531 5202 (international)
Local calls: 1, area code, telephone number

International calls: 1 011 country code area code telephone number
                                + country code area code telephone number

Peak time, Off peak: No division on peak and off peak time in Nextel network.

Charging principle: Incoming - per minute charges, outgoing - per seconds after first minute.

Incoming calls, min.
Local outgoing calls, min.
Outgoing calls to USA, min.
International outgoing calls, min.
Incoming SMS
Outgoing SMS
service not avalible


For registration in the Nextell network and usage of the roaming services in the USA subscribers have to have the 1900 Standard handsets, such as Motorola L7089, P7390, T250, Ericsson T39 World, t66,T68 World, Nokia 6310.

Network Nextel isn't GSM network (using american standart iDEN). For using roaming service in iDEN network required Motorola i2000. At present this terminal not absentin Ukraine. We solv a problem rent it in USA for our subscribers.

The above tariffs are stipulated in USD, including VAT and can be used for rough calculation of roaming expenses. Tariffs on outgoing calls should be recalculated into local currency. Each call cost depends upon fluctuations of local currency rates to USD. Payments should be done in UAH equivalent to the NBU exchange rate on date of payment.

Roaming tariffs could be changed by the receiving operator without notice.


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