Operator: TA Orange
Standard: GSM 900/1800
Display: TA Orange, 52099
Emergency calls: 112
Inquiry Service 1133 (from mobile phones)
International calls: 00_country code_city code_ phone number.

Peak time: 07.00-21.00
Off-peak: 21.00-07.00

Call charge: Incoming calls - per minute, outgoing calls - per 6 second ater 1-st minute.

Incoming calls, min.
Local outgoing calls, min.
Outgoing ccalls to Ukraine min.
Incoming SMS
Outgoing SMS
1,44 (peak time); 1,26 (off-peak time)


The above tariffs are stipulated in USD, including VAT and can be used for rough calculation of roaming expenses. Tariffs on outgoing calls should be recalculated into local currency. Each call cost depends upon fluctuations of local currency rates to USD. Payments should be done in UAH equivalent to the NBU exchange rate on date of payment.

Roaming tariffs could be changed by the receiving operator without notice.


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