If you expect fast, efficient international access the choice is the WellCOM network. We offer high quality connection, wide range of services and efficient customer support services.

How to select WellCOM?

Within 30 seconds after you switch on your GSM phone the screen will display the name (or abbreviation) of the available networks. In order to become a user of the WellCOM network select Ukrflash or Flash on the network selection facility of your mobile phone. Upon registration both incoming and outgoing calls will be routed through WelCOM.

How to make calls on the WellCOM network?

  • To a fixed number in Kiev: telephone number;
  • To a WellCOM mobile number : telephone number;
  • To a fixed number inside Ukraine: 8 area code, telephone number;
  • To a fixed number outside Ukraine: 8 10 country code, area code, telephone number;
  • To another Ukraine GSM network mobile phone: 8 network code, telephone number.
Emergency numbers

Calls to these numbers are free of charge.
  • 101 Fire Department
  • 102 Police
  • 103 Ambulance
WellCOM Customer Care
  • 111, 112 (with and without SIM card)
  • 463 70 50, 251 77 77
Services available for visiting subscribers:
  • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP)
  • Calling line identification restriction (CLIR)
  • Call forwarding unconditional (CFU)
  • Call forwarding when busy (CFB)
  • Call forwarding on no reply (CFNRy)
  • Call waiting
  • Call hold
  • Multi party
  • Barring of all outgoing calls
  • Barring of all incoming calls
  • Barring of all outgoing international calls
  • Barring of all outgoing international calls except home calls
  • Barring of all incoming calls when roaming outside home network
  • Fax and Data transmission
Useful information while roaming

Before you leave your home network:
  • Program stored numbers in your GSM cards with full international access
  • Check that your phone battery charger can run on 220V
Upon entering Ukraine
  • Declare your mobile handset at Customs
  • Programme your GSM phone to WellCOM (Ukrflash, Flash) as your network of choice during your stay in Ukraine

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