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WellCOM has introduced the line of "Premium-Jubilee" packages of services with inclusive minutes.

Kiev, 01.10.03 CJSK Ukrainian Radiosystems (mobile operator WellCOM) by its 5-th year in the telecommunication business has introduced the line of "Premium-Jubilee" packages of services. Subscribers are offered to make a choice of three package of services with 160, 240 and 340 inclusive minutes at 45, 60 and 80 c.u. (including VAT). The overrun talk time minute cost is 0.08-0.25 c.u.

New tariffs ideally match the requirements of people who actively use mobile communication services for private or business purposes.

WellCOM packages of services are featured with no charges for call set up. All subscribers are given possibility to make free outgoing calls duration up to 6 seconds, the talk time cost is lowered depending upon time of call (day, evening or night). Since 19-th of September all incoming calls from fixed or mobile networks have been free for WellCOM subscribers regardless type of phone number (network or city) they use.

Moderate price for peak-time calls, discounts on on-network and off-peak time calls make WellCOM packages of services attractive for people who need mobile communication everyday, who want to enjoy reasonable economy and comfort.


Kiev, 14.09.03 WellCOM subscribers do not pay for incoming calls from fixed lines, other mobile networks lines and for incoming international calls. Since September 19-th all incoming calls in WellCOM network has become free.

WellCOM keeps all main advantages of its tariff packages of service - calls division into peak and off peak, night calls charge at 0.08 c.u. per minute, special outgoing calls rate within cells that is only 0.05 c.u. per minute, and others. WellCOM subscribers also can benefit from no set up charges for outgoing calls.

Incoming calls are free for subscriptions with city numbers and network numbers. Subscribtios with city phone numbers will be charged 10 c.u. monthly fee for technical maintenance of the city numbers. Call charges and value added services are not changed. Subscriptions to Premium and Premium Corporate packages of service are benefited with different amount of included free minutes for outgoing calls.

WellCOM tariffs perfection has been concurred with the network deploy. Hence not only Kievers but also inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine will benefit soon the advantages of WellCOM packages of service.


Kiev, 11-th of September 2003. CJSC Ukrainian radiosystems that operates WellCOM mobile network got the Ukrainian Frequency Department certificate (UFD) for importation of GSM-900 mobile equipment.

As it was informed by WellCOM press service early, the operator nearest plans are network deploy to cities Dniepropetrovsk, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Zaporozhie, Donetsk, Lviv, Zhitomir, Chernigov, Poltava, Krivoi Rog, Rivne, Genichesk, Melitopol, Kherson, Crimea peninsula (Simpheropol, Yalta, Sebastopol, Alyshta, Evpatoria) and others. The network coverage in Kiev and region will be enlarge as well as coverage of main motorways.

Information note: CJSC URS (WellCOM mobile network operator) renders GSM-900 mobile communication services in Kiev and region from October 1998 and International roaming services in 44 countries. As of today WellCOM subscribers number is 38 000.


Kiev, 11-th of September 2003. CJSC Ukrainian radiosystems press service informs that Stephaniyk Oleg has been introduced as the President of the Company. He is 42, graduated in 1983 from Odessa University of telecommunications majoring in automatic data communication. Worked as CEO at JV MKM Telecom and Ericsson branch establishment. Until this assignment worked as Director on cooperation with telecommunication operators at Ukrtelecom.

In April this year Bolsheshapov Oleg was assigned as CJSC Ukrainian radiosystems General Director.

With these assignments experienced directors enforce JSC URS directorship. Such professionals as Stephaniyk Oleg and Bolsheshapov Oleg will contribute CJSC URS chances to become nationwide GSM-900 mobile operator.

PrivateBank and WellCOM have implemented the unique service for mobile subscribers.

One of the biggest Ukrainian bank PrivateBank and mobile GSM operator Ukrainian Radiosystem (trade mark WellCOM) have implemented the unique system of integrated service for mobile subscribers, that has no analogies in Ukraine. In particular, new technology developed by bank and WellCOM specialists allows the Operator's subscribers to purchase contracts, pay invoices and get itemized bills at PrivateBank departments. Such system has been implemented already at 20 PrivatBank branches in Kiev and oblast. At the first stage of the project realized in December 2002, WellCOM subscribers got the possibility to purchase contracts ad pay bills in on-line mode. Now PrivateBank offers WellCOM subscribers another possibility - to get itemized bills for mobile services through the bank network. New service is based on the PrivatBank unique proprietary software, securing high confidentiality. Now the subscribers do not have to address WellCOM office for getting itemized bills. They just have to drop at any PrivatBank branch offices. The itemized bills extract in on-line mode that save WellCOM subscribers plenty of time. During the first month of the service operation the itemized bills extraction is free of charge.


Kiev, 10 April 200. JSC "Ukrainian Radiosystems" (JSC URS), operator of WellCOM mobile network, has announced changes in Board of Directors and immediate tasks on network deploy.

By the stockholders decision Oleg Bolsheshapov has been appointed the new JSC URS General Director (Head of the JSC URS Directors Board).

At the same time JSC URS shareholders has decided to start preparations for JSC URS network deploy since the 10-th of April 2003. The network deploy has to be realized in the whole territory of Ukraine according the existing GSM license.

Till the beginning of April 2004 the network deploy will have been resulted in commercial launch of WellCOM network in Dniepropetrovsk, odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Zaporozhie, Donetsk, Lviv, Zhytomir, Chernigov, Poltava, Krivoy Rog, Rivne, Genichesk, Herson, Melitopol, in Crimea (Simpheropol, Yalta, Sevastopol, Alyshta, Eupatoria) and other. The coverage in Kiev and region is also an immediate task of WellCOM network deployment.

In parallel necessary arrangements for coverage of highways and motorways connected the mentioned cities will be put into effect. During the same period there will be covered such high ways as Lviv-Rivne-Zhytomir-Kiev, Lviv-Rava Russka-frontier, Kiev- Belaya Tserkov-Yman-Odessa-Illichevsk, Kiev-Brovary-Chernigov -frontier, Kiev-Borispol-Harkov-frontier, Harkov-Novomoskovsk-Zaporozhie-Melitopol-Genichesk-Simferopol, Odessa-Juzhnyj-Nikolaev-Kherson-Simferopol, Dniepropetrovsk-Zaporozhie, Simferopol-Sevastopol-Yalta-Alyshta-Eupatoria and other directions.

The further plans will be announced after the first phase of network deployment carried out, on the 10-th of April 2004 as a preliminary.

WellCOM henceforward will keep on marketing strategy aimed at implementation of new services for acting and potential subscribers, as well as increasing of quality of service.

The company is looking ahead with confidence and has got sufficient economic and technical potential for feasibility of its enterprise.

Information notice: JSC URS (WellCOM mobile network operator) renders GSM-900 Standard services in Kiev and region since October, 1988 and International roaming services at 44 countries.

Daewoo left the shareholders stuff of JSC "Ukrainian radiosystems" (WellCOM).

Kiev, 23 January 2003 Press-service of JSC "Ukrainian radiosystems".
The special stockholders meeting of JSC "Ukrainian radiosystems" (JSC URS) took place on the 21 of January 2003.

The General meeting of JSC URS (WellCOM mobile operator) stockholders was summoned for resolving a number of corporate and organizational issues.

After Daewoo had exercised its right to leave the shareholders stuff, the General meeting confirmed the new JSC URS membership: UKRFAUNDINVEST LTD, INTERINVEST LTD, "VARKEDGE LIMITED", "OCCIDENTAL MANAGEMENT CO.LIMITED".

The General meeting elected Supervisory board that is headed from now by Motti Korf.

The managerial bodies of JSC URS are about to take up in a short time WellCOM business indices and approve the plan of network deployment.


CJSC Ukrainian Radio Systems company, (CJSC URS, WellCOM mobile communications network operator) would like officially to announce about changes in the management of the company.

From July 29, 2001 General Director’s managership of the company temporary executes Yuriy Kurmaz, who earlier filled the post of Deputy General Director and Member of the company’s Management board.

Company management change is caused by the end of the staying term and authorities, stated in the foundation documents, of Mr. Oh Yang Hwan and Mr. Hwang In-Dae on the positions respective- General Director (Chairman of the Management board) and Deputy General Director (Financial Director and Member of the Management board) of the company and the end of the permit term, which is given by the bodies of the Ministry of labour and social policy of Ukraine for the job placement in Ukraine of the persons mentioned above. Absence of job placement permits in Ukraine of Mr. Oh Yang Hwan and Mr. Hwang In-Dae, makes it legally impossible to execute duties on company management. Particularly, in accordance with acting legislation of Ukraine, those persons who do not posses a job placement permits or if an action term of such permit has ended, they do not have a right to fill any post in the enterprises of Ukraine and to accomplish any actions on behalf of the company.

CJSC URS announces and accentuates, that all changes in the company management are caused by impartial factors of legal nature, have legal grounds and correspond to the acting legislation of Ukraine. In this connection, may surprise some statements of Mr. Oh Yang Hwan as illegal removal of him and Mr. Hwang In-Dae from the managing post in CJSC URS and deprivation them from the company activity control and Mr. Oh Yang Hwan accusations of Ukrainian shareholders and new company management. Legal evaluation of actions of the former CJSC URS managers will be given in the nearest time in accordance with acting legislation of Ukraine in the court legal procedure or at the General Shareholders meeting of the company.

Approval of the new structure of the Management board of the company must take place at the General shareholders meeting which is called September 9th, 2001 following to the Charter of the company and acting legislation of Ukraine. General Shareholders meeting is aimed to settle matters on company business activities which unfortunatelly were not executed during 1999- 2000 due to financial lack of WellCOM network broadening.

However, notwithstanding Daewoo corporation decision of 1999 on suspension of its participation in the company and, as a result, suspension of financial support providing to the company, CJSC URS and its Ukrainian shareholders by any means do not object against the right of its South Korean partner- Daewoo corporation, to participate in the company management. On condition of continuing mutual partnership co-operation consent and elimination of impartial legal factors, that may lead to factual uncontrolled and individual rule over the company by representatives of present shareholders, Ukrainian shareholders with CJSC URS new management’s assistance are ready to establish relations which ensure joint financing and management with Daewoo corporation for further development and WellCOM cellular communications network improvement.

Ukrainian shareholders of CJSC URS state that that do and did everything possible for positive problems solving and deem that such issues must be regulated by means of friendly negotiations, not by means of accusations and groundless charges distribution.

Thus, CJSC URS officially informs that change of the company management which took place, is legally valid and do not cause changes in economic activity of the company, on the contrary, contribute to obstacles elimination, legally conditioned on the path to improvement of existing relations with subscribers and partners of CJSC URS and regulating of new fruitful relations with potential partners.

With assistance of Ukrainian shareholders of the company, CJSC URS has began receiving of essential financial support, that aims to eliminate barriers on the path to WellCOM network development. New management of CJSC URS, Ukrainian shareholders hope and recon that during preparation and conducting of General Shareholders meeting, difference between former managers of the company and the present management and problematic matters between the company’s shareholders will be settled in a form of business and mutual respect.

New SMS service “Mobile organizer”.

WellCOM continuously develops the SMS services. Since the 1-st of May its variety have been added by a new one – “Mobile organizer”. This service gives the subscribers a possibility to keep with the help of their GSM handset records of different events and facts. The SMS notices about these events will reach the subscribers in a fixed hours and days. Some expensive models of business class handsets are featured with a similar function, but WellCOM makes it available for all subscribers, irrespective of a handset model they use. See the details in the User Guide.


From April 1st, 2001 WellCOM introduces per second tariffing in all mobile communication packages. Per second billing for used airtime starts immediately from the first second. Outgoing and incoming calls within Ukraine with duration less than 6 seconds are free. Per second tariffication applies to all calls within Ukraine and free minutes (imposed according to tariff packages conditions or due to the loyalty program), voice mail listening, call forwarding to another telephone numbers within Ukraine.
Due to new tariffing implementation, expenses of WellCOM subscribers for mobile communication services will be reduced essentially. From now mobile phone users will pay only for real calls in accordance with tariff packages chosen.
New tariffication will be introduced automatically in all earlier packages with 10 second billing (Welcome new, Favorite, Millennium, Premium, Standard, Business). Those subscribers who chose Welcome package with per minute billing, may continue “old” tariffs usage. However the company suggests such subscribers to pick out more advantageous packages with per second billing.


WellCOM company has successfully tested its universal interface that enables subscribers' access to personal digital services based on the SMS functions. текстовых. From now on WellCOM subscribers can receive and send e-mails directly from their mobile handsets. Modern business life is impossible without Internet and e-mail. Many citizens of Kiev have become active users of the world wide electron network. The possibility of getting an easy access to e-mail outside an office or an apartment is far from being a kind of caprice to them. It's an insistent need that guarantees sometimes their business or professional success. But a good few of business people are not able to take their PCs to a business trip, or to the countryside. Sometimes it's quite impossible. Unlike other PC users, WellCOM subscribers in no way suffer from such kind of problems. They can send and receive e-mails from their mobile phones to any e-mail addresses in the Internet. This communication is enabled by the SMS functioning. Suffice to type the message on the keypad of your mobile phone and send it to a special service number and the letter is delivered to your addressee. WellCOM also provides its subscribers with free allocation of their private e-mail addresses (e.g. on its SMS server. Such service will be a big help to those users who prefer keeping their mobile telephone numbers unrevealed. But do not think that WellCOM subscribers will suffer from a storm of anonymous e-mails. The company SMS server is equipped with special filters protected SMS addresses of the subscribers from so-called "spam". E-mails to SMS addresses of WellCOM subscribers can be sent not only from mobile phones, but as well from any PC, connected to the Internet. In particular, WellCOM has realized a possibility of sending SMS from its official web-site For this purpose one should type the message in a special window frame on the SMS page and click on the "Send SMS" button. One more important detail: WellCOM subscribers can read text messages sent to their phones from e-mail or company's web-site in Cyrillic! You can personalize of SMS reading parameters and get them in Cyrillic, Latin or transliteration, depending upon availability of these features in your mobile phones. And to finish with enumeration of current e-mail-SMS opportunities from WellCOM, advanced users will enjoy the possibility of sending SMS to ICQ. In further the range of services based on the joining of WellCOM and Internet networks will be enlarged. So we suggest you to keep an eye on our news that are regulary published on WellCOM web-site. Detail Instruction regards usage on SMS-e-mail service you can find here.


On August 1, 2000 WellCOM company launched a new service in a test regime, which enables to send e-mail from any PC connected to the Internet to WellCOM mobiles and also to send text messages to WellCOM subscribers through the official web-site of the company With this service we launch operation of the universal portal of personal digital services, which can be implemented through the SMS functionality.
WellCOM subscribers could receive messages up to 160 symbols to their mobile phones sent through e-mail from any PC connected to the Internet. To send a message it's necessary to input an address in the following format: ,
where xxxxxxx is a 7-digital WellCOM subscriber's phone number.
To send text messages from company's Internet-site to WellCOM mobiles, you should click the "SMS" button at the WellCOM web-site menu.
WellCOM subscribers may also use the services of other companies, who deal with electronic delivery of information-inquiry materials and entertainment information to GSM handsets.
Ending testing procedure of e-mail - SMS service, we also plan to introduce sending of text messages from WellCOM mobiles to any e-mail address as well as possibility to control e-mail box from a mobile handset and text message receiving/transmission in Cyrillic characters. In the course of further development of e-mail - SMS portal, number of services will be continuously increased, it's also planned to use other technologies of information provision to a subscriber.
Introduction of new services is a continuation of company's marketing strategy which has a target to favour improvement of life's quality and business activity of Ukrainian citizens by means of mobile communications from WellCOM.
WellCOM GSM is a trade mark of CSC "Ukrainian Radio Systems". The company provides its services since October, 1998. WellCOM subscribers use a wide range of GSM-900 mobile services: international roaming, WellCOM-text service, voice mail, data and fax transmission, call forwarding, etc. At present, the number of WellCOM subscribers is more than 22 thousand people.


From May 15 WellCOM proposes its subscribers the 10 seconds airtime charge in the package Millennium. The new tariffing starts immediately after the connection establishment, giving subscribers the first six free seconds. This new proposal will permit to record more precisely the duration even of short calls and to get benefits from them. Millenium package was tailored for the subscribers who talk by their mobile handsets often and on business. It is featured by the most favorable price per minute both for the incoming and outgoing calls independently on the time (0.14 c.u.per minute). In case of connection in June to the Millenium Class package at WellCOM Client Service Center, all subscribers will be granted the 30% discount for the subscription fee until the end of January 2001.


Disregarding the winter landscape outside, spring starts in WellCOM network exactly in accordance with the calendar. And its distinguishing feature is a new promotion campaign. Subscribers connected to Favorite or Millennium Class from the 1-st until 31 of March are given essential bonuses: 180 free minutes in the Favorite and 300 free minutes in the Millennium Class. These free minutes can be used at the subscribers' discretion - either within one month, or during two or three months. We remind you, that in March connection to the Welcome Class, Favorite and Millennium is free.



Very memorable St. Valentine gift was made by WellCOM to its subscribers. New subscribers connected to any of the WellCOM tariff class during the period from the 12-th until 15-th of February get 50 free minutes. All other subscribers if bring in new ones, get 100 free minutes for every new user attracted to WellCOM these days. You are welcomed to enjoy St. Valentine gifts from WellCOM and share it with your best friends!



WellCOM company introduced a new tariff package Millennium Class. The main feature of this package is a single price for all calls within Ukraine, that makes 0.14 c.u. (including VAT) per minute. The Millennium users do not have to postpone their business affairs to off-peak time or weekends, when per minute rates are getting lower. Now they have at their disposal 24 hours a day and the universe tariff for incoming and outgoing calls at any time.



From the 1-st of December 1999 WellCOM canceled monthly subscription fee in the Welcome Class tariff package. At the same time peak rates in the package are 20% lowered, and come to 0.40 USD (including VAT).
Now Welcome Class is featured the same "you pay as you go" characteristic alike pre-paid cards. But in contrast to the pre-paid card users, Welcome Class subscribers are not limited nor in time, neither in space, because this tariff package provides essential services, which can not be founded in the pre-paid cards.
First of all it goes about such services, as international roaming access, multiparty service, call hold, call wait, availability to forward incoming calls to a land or another mobile handset, choice of direct or indirect city number.
Welcome Class tariffs aimed for providing many saving possibilities, that decrease significantly your monthly expenditures, such as different rates for peak and off peak calls, free incoming intra network calls, usage of call forwarding, provision of free 70 minutes in case of attracting new subscribers to the WellCOM network. When subscriber's deposit is over, he never is disconnected from the network immediately, as it happens with the pre-paid card users. WellCOM treats its subscribers with more humanity, giving them some credit for deposit replenishment. All you have to do - invest some (even minimal) amount on your deposit and keep on calling. Taking into account that in WellCOM network first 10 seconds of all local calls are free, it becomes evident, that the right way of subscribers requirements satisfaction has been found. Welcome Class subscribers get quality, reliable communication at lower price and enjoy the comfort of all services that are not provided by the pre-paid cards.


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