Dear subscriber!

We propose you to take part in a program "Idea Bank". Ideas and propositions regarding future improvement of company's service, advertisement and campaigns, introduction of new services, etc. are welcomed. Those subscribers whose ideas are acknowledged to be the best will be awarded with the following prizes: 1-st prize - 300 free min., 2-nd prize - 200 free min., 3-rd prize - 100 free min.

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  Your ideas and propositions:

We ask you to answer the questions, which are stated below. Your answers will help us to improve quality of provided service and servicing level. When assigning the prizes for proposed idea, those subscribers who answered all questions of a questionnaire will be preferred.

1. Please, evaluate to which extent you are satisfied with communications quality according to 5-degree scale,
where 5 - fully satisfied, 1- fully unsatisfied:       

2. In case some problems with coverage or communications quality in the zone of WellCOM network servicing took place, please, mark out the most significant for you and where it happened (district , street, building № or nearest landmarks):
    no problems
    no coverage (where it happened)
    difficult to make a call or network is busy (where it happened)
    communications breaks (where it happened)
    interference (where it happened)
    other problems (describe them in details, and write down where it happened)

3. Please, evaluate to which extent you are satisfied with servicing level of WellCOM network according to 5-degree scale:        

4. Please, write down claims and recommendations regarding the servicing quality:



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